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Hi I’m Lindsay…

If you’ve landed here, you’ll be looking to learn a little more about money and feel a whole lot better. Welcome!  You’re in exactly the right place  – I talk, teach, coach and cheerlead on all things money – money is my curriculum. 

Using my framework, Money L Plates®, my mission is to build and strengthen the connection between money and women, fostering confidence, wisdom and a strong, prosperous financial future. The magic lies in recognising that true holistic financial education extends beyond mere numbers, embracing money mindset and confidence.

Created for women but relevant for everyone. Recognising that women have the power to enable profound change in themselves, their families, communities and society.

Bringing in the fun, taking out the fear & overwhelm and cheerleading and supporting you in all things money.

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What people are saying

“Lindsay’s Property Masterclass made me feel so much more confident about the actual process of buying a property and how to make it work with a team! Lindsay made sure that everything was covered and now I’m feeling so much more confident and know where to start and about all the costs involved. The Step by Step Guide to the Buying Process session was so useful as it made me aware of all the different processes required to buy a house.” Ella

“I have been saved! I am 26 years old and before, the ‘property market’ seemed like an intimidating black hole of jargon and money, but Lindsay’s Property Masterclass has absolutely turned this on its head. I now feel grounded, secure and full of confidence. I will 100% be looking at property in a different light now which is really good for my independence, especially as a woman. This Masterclass is essential.” Tatiana


“I’ve created this because I wish that this easy-to-follow and confidence-building Property Masterclass had been around when I was thinking about buying my first property. It would definitely have given me the know-how and confidence to realise that it was possible for me to buy property. I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that I would have invested in myself earlier and bought my first property much sooner.” You can buy it here